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Are you passionate about your career at the moment? Does it give you a sense of purpose and fulfilment?

Become a Kick Ass Your Life coach. Make the change to a fulfilling career.Book cover

The Kick Ass Your Life programme helps people address situations where they’ve reached a crossroads in their life, had their world turned upside down, or are unhappy with the direction life is taking them.

Before I created the Kick Ass Your Life programme, I was following the same old 9-5, 5 days a week job routine. Up early to catch the train, busy, busy all day, working to deliver another few £s for the business owner or shareholders benefit.

I started to question what I was doing. My real desire was to help people, be part of a community and ultimately, be my own boss and take control my life.

I started to realise I was far from fulfilled in my job.

  • I missed a sense of purpose, because I wasn’t enriching my life or the lives of others
  • My mind wasn’t being challenged by working with the same people every day
  • I was missing out by not meeting new and interesting like-minded people
  • I felt very little passion doing a job that took up a large part of my life
  • I was frustrated by not fulfilling my potential

By creating the Kick Ass Your Life programme and becoming a coach, I was able to leave my unfulfilling job, take control of my own career and turn it into one that addressed my personal needs and gave me a strong sense of purpose.

I’d now like to help you get the career you desire. Become a Kick Ass Your Life coach and you’ll be provided with all the support to set-up, deliver and earn from a “Kick Ass Your Life” – my proven life coaching programme.

Call to action:

Take control of your career now!! Register to attend my free Kick Ass Your Life introduction event on Monday 11th July 2016 at 6.30pm in Bristol.


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