There is a much better option than the job you’re in

Passion can keep you motivated to do almost anything, but if you don’t have passion, for example in your job, maybe you should look at other options.

Maybe it’s time to look at leaving the 9-5 rat race and starting a career that you CAN be passionate about. One which gives you the autonomy to take control of the way you structure your life.

Becoming a Kick Ass Your Life coach, delivering life changing coaching to individuals and groups, not only gives you back control of your career, but it will also give you a sense of purpose as your client’s lives turnaround.

The Kick Ass Your Life programme helps people address situations where they’ve reached a crossroads in their life, had their world turned upside down, or are unhappy with the direction life is taking them. It gives them a clear roadmap to change and help them be and fell how them want to.

As a Kick Ass Your Life coach, you’ll be provided with all the support to set-up, deliver and earn from by delivering “Kick Ass Your Life” – my proven life coaching programme.

Take the option to have a career you love and the autonomy to grow how you want. Register now to attend my free Kick Ass Your Life practitioner introduction event on Monday 11th July at 6.30pm in Bristol.  Only a few tickets left!

Grab your free ticket here

Look forward to seeing you there.


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