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Launch Monday 11th July 2016 – 6.30pm

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10 Reasons to be a Kick Ass Your Life Accredited Practitioner

  1. Use of the Kick Ass Your Life proven, tried and tested method

Full use of license so that you gain results fast, to get to the core of the problem quickl

2,    Unique system

Kick Ass Your Life is a unique system which will set you apart from the coaching industry

3.  Published Book and Visualisations

Best-selling book will raise your profile as a practitioner and will instantly get clients to trust that you can get the results.  “Done for you” approach including visualisations to help the client get the best results

  1. Accredited training manual

Accredited process that gives you confidence in use of materials

  1. Create a lifestyle business

You will have all the necessary information to create a business that you love and earn money from

  1. Community of Practitioners to support you in your business

Get the support you need by being in a community of Kick Ass Your Life practitioners, be part of the community which will help you grow your business and your own skills

  1. Ongoing professional development

Practitioners will be supported via training sessions and practitioner mastermind groups to help you achieve your own goals, to keep you on track

  1. Ready-made materials and marketing

Pre-packaged templates to help you set up your business, marketing information on how to sell the programme so there is nothing in the way of you developing your own business

  1. Support and guidance from Founder, Ann Hobbs

Ann has over 11 years experience in helping people via holistic therapies and coaching.  She has a wealth of experience that will help you give your clients the best possible service and fast results

  1. Marketing Support

The Founder will help the practitioners to raise the profile of the brand Kick Ass Your Life to level of seal of excellence so that clients can trust that practitioners are trained at a certain level.  Will continue to run Kick Ass Your Life workshops to help practitioners get clients


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