How I survived 11 years transforming people’s lives?

This year I have been transforming people’s lives for 11 years!!  Whoop, whoop.

First print of my book, so excited!

First print of my book, so excited!

I’ve made lots of mistakes, probably upset a few people but the journey has been great so I thought I would share with you my ups and downs.

I remember the first time I walked into my therapy room awaiting my very first client and sitting in the chair, pumping my fist into the air saying “I’ve made it”.  I felt a sense of excitement and achievement that after years of training as a holistic therapist I was finally going to meet a client.  Although I forgot the whole routine the client still went out feeling exhilarated.  I was totally hooked!

Little did I know that 6 years later I would be feeling burnt-out, fed-up and frustrated with fixing people.  The upshot was that I learnt a lot!!  Thanks to all my wonderful clients I started to look at how they changed, why they changed and what was I doing right.  This lead me down a different route – still helping people but in a different way – coaching and mentoring.  I feel like I was totally empowering them with the right information to change their lives and thanks to the hard work at the beginning of my journey had my own system of change – It’s easy as EBC.

In between my business I bought up 3 lovely children and I can see the influence I have on them which feels great.  Before Christmas I had my middle son asking me to help him to find his purpose – wow what 19-year-old would say that!

However, business isn’t all about making money, seeing clients and marketing I’ve had to go through quite a personal self-development journey too.  There were moments where money was scarce, the clients dried up and I was totally going to give up – at least once or twice!  I’ve had the help of mentors and coaches and I follow people that really inspire me.  Also, my friend Julie has been my rock, she has always believed in me and never let me give up.

What holds my business together is the passion that I have of helping people, if I didn’t have this then I would have given up, easily.  All I ever wanted to do is to help people, to empower them to transform their lives.  I think I have achieved this.

I’m so glad I stuck it out.  With all the years of experience I was able to write a book in 4 weeks and last November my book was published – Kick Ass Your Life.  I feel like a true expert in my field – the last 11 years have all been worth it.

In a few weeks time I will be launching my Kick Ass Your Life Academy where I will be sharing how I transform people’s lives.

Sharing my wisdom

Sharing my wisdom

If your passion is helping people then join me in Bristol on Monday 11th July at 6.30pm.  Click here for your free ticket.


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