Are your core values killing you and your business?

I am always amazed on two things when working with my clients, that is :-

  1. When my clients work and live by their values they are happier and more successful.
  2. Most people don’t know what their values are.

I think they know what their values are but they are not aware of how much an influence their health and success depends on it.  If I asked you “what are your core values” you would probably come up with one or two values that you do live by but do you actually make decisions based on your core values?

The simple fact is, if you are not living and working based on your core values stress is playing a major part in your life – which is definitely a slow burning killer to your health and success.

How do you work out your core values?

Ask yourself one simple question:-

What do other people do around you that frustrates you?”.

Become aware throughout the day and see what annoys and frustrates you; do people being late annoy you, others being incompetent winds you up, sitting in an office frustrates you, not having enough time with your family worries you or if you don’t exercise then you become grumpy!

Authenticity and honesty are two of my values and if I meet people that are guarded and not sure about who they are that would really frustrate me.  Knowing those values will help me make decisions about whether I continue to be around those people or those groups or find other groups that share my values – it makes the decision much easier for me.  I feel more energized and productive when I live and work within these values.

So are you living and working by your core values? We all have a set of 5 or so core values which are very important to us.  I see it all the time when my clients cross these core values they become frustrated, angry and stressed.  However, when they do live and work by these core values they are happier, more focused and the money flows easily into their businesses.

I heard Jo Fairley speak last night, co-founder of Green’s and Black’s and her comments compounded my understanding further.  She said that their chocolate and brand was based on her and her husband’s values.  She said this was an important part of her success and also made her a great ethical leader.

The next time you are struggling with a decision to make, write down your 5 core values and ask yourself – do these cross your core values?  Don’t build that business that goes across them, don’t find another job which will leave you feeling stressed because they will be killing you and your success.  Find a better way to live and work on purpose, stay true to your values.

2016 is a year where people are looking for meaning – to live and work on purpose!

If you are still struggling with your core values then Kick Ass Your Life workshop will help you get the clarity you need. Look forward to seeing you there!

Kick Ass Your Life Workshop – 18th March 2016

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